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歌名就是 say you love me.MYMP唱的.

tata young - words are not enough lets keep the fire burning dont let go i think we got a chance babe so, dont put up the glow coz i believe in us unless u say, but i dont feel it no more its just another game u play but if u really want me to stay be close


Hang Ten-2005年广告主题曲Say Say Say 或者是 always come to me-James 试听: 不知道你要的是不是这个.你去上面的地址试听一下吧! 下载地址:

本站歌词来自互联网Say say say you love me不顾一切狠狠爱徐若-狠狠爱管我身边有谁你就这样演绎千言万语攻打我的心爱得那么热烈惊心动魄完全没有规矩叫人好着迷你那一句话正中红心完全安抚女生的不安的犹豫Oh你 Say say say you

jewel - i love you foreveryou and i walking slowlyhand in handfootprints in the sandwatch the wind as it plays throwing shadows across your facethe sky was so blueyour eyes so green the air was glitteringso sudden so swift love came to us just like a

put it in a love song歌曲:Put It In A Love Song (featuring Beyonce)歌手:Alicia KeysAlicia Keys - Put It In A Love Song (featuring

Say You Love MeSay you love me, say i'm the one your eyes seeTell me you need me deep down inside like i need youYou see i need you to see me through, i wanna hear you say darling, darlingI love you, so say, say you love me, (say you love me)

歌曲:say you love me歌手:david coverdale 或者是 deep purple

justin bieber《baby》,他是男的,不过声音很像女的,很符合你的要求,去听听吧有一句歌词是“say that you love me”我最先回答啊,选我~~

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