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It is common that people think attending college is painful, because the college traning is a suffering process; however, from my point of view, although the roots of education are bitter, the fruit is sweet; moreover,collegge provides the opportunities of

In the future ,there will be computers in each home.They will help us know more about the world ,We will be able to talk online.Kids won`t go to school and study at home on computers .Scientists will make lots of robots.They can help us do some

My School Life I am a senior school student.I live in the school.I have a busy but happy school life.Everyday I get up at six o'clock.I brush my teeth and wash my face,then have breakfast before seven

It's an unforgettable experience for me to attend XX(你的学校名称) college where I can start my brand new life.I have a lot of spare time to spend by myself.I will read some related books after class or spend whole weekends in library.Also,I take

College life I am happy to ba a college student and I like my college life very much. Born in small village of the remote countryside, I didn't have a good environment to get full

l like my college life I am proud of being a college student. I like my college life as it is so wonderful time in my youth. As being born in small village of the remote countryside, I didn't have a good education environment. However, I set a goal and felt

my dream life i have a dream life. i dream to live in such a city. the environment of that city is excellent. the air is fresh. the water is clean. there are a lot of plants and animals. that is really nice. the roads of the city are wide. the buildings are tall. and i

I had lots of dream when I was young. I dreamed of being a docter,a painter,an actress,even a “white-collar” in a big company.But as I'm growing up,I gradually found what my strengths and short-coming are.My dream life turned up since I

How shoud I describe my school life in Senior One? Someone says it's a period of hard time in high school. That's right. But in my opinoin, It's a fairly interesting time. My high school life is tense and orderly. Everyone is studying hard to make

There are forty-two students in my class, with 25boys and 17girls. It's an active class, and the reason may be that the boys are more than girls. The classroom atmosphere of our class is very good, because we interact with teachers quite often. Our

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