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my holiday i was busy enough! first,i had to do my homework ,it took me 3 days.but i didn't compare it because i learned a lot of things in my home work.and this holiday i was very excited. becausei went to beijing !i saw zhe nest and water meter! it's

my dream home is located in the suburbs.The sky is blue,the air is fresh and the birds are flying in the sky.Also the house is big and comfortable.I hope i can have suh a home

您好,现在给您写吧.My dream home Everyone has his own dream home,so do I.My dream home will be very beautiful and wide. There will be three private rooms,and two living rooms.And the private rooms will be my dream wife/husband`s room,

my dream homemy dream home is at the foot of a hill.there is a football fild in front of my house and a swimming poll besied it. my house is very has three floors.there is a kitchen and a cinema on the ground floor.the kitchen is very big.the is

My dream homeIn my dream home everyone has a computer,They can use computers to learn, work and chat with friends.A robot at home to help do the heavy, boring work.Using solar energy for residential

My family There are three people in my family.They are my father,mother and I.We all feel happy at home.We love each other.My father is a teacher.He is tall and thin.He looks younger than he is.I think he is very handsome.He is strict with me,but he

My dream home is very big and clean. It has at least five floors and fifteen rooms. On the ground floor, there is a kitchen, a dining room and a bathroom. There are no other rooms on the ground floor. My bedroom, study, bathroom are on the first floor.

my home i am living in my home long time . i am thinking at home have more things to be doing . first need clearing my table second need wasking my clothes and hsoes. thired must with likely pet funny some hours. very impotant things jsut keep on my eyes watching far mount not let eyes tired in computer .

My dream home Someone said that Ideal life is the ideal of the life. I think my dream home is not very large, but it must be very beautiful. There are at least two gardens. One is at front and the other is at back. There arte many flowers inmy gardens.

my family there are four people in my family. they are my father, my mother, my sister and i. my father is a policeman. i'm so proud of him. he is the greatest hero in my heart. my mother is a nurse in a hospital. sometimes she has to work all night. my

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