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if i were a boy 如果我是个男孩 even just for a day 就算只是一天 i' roll out of bed in the morning 早上起床后 and throw on what i wanted and go 穿上我想穿的衣服就出门 drink beer with the guys 和哥儿们喝点小酒 and chase after girls 和美女打情骂

If I were a boyEven just for a dayI'd roll outta bed in the morningAnd throw on what I wanted then goDrink beer with the guysAnd chase after girlsI'd kick it with who I watedAnd I'd never get confronted for it.Cause they'd stick up for me.If I were a

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s a little too late for you to come back现在回头对你来说太晚了Say its just a mistake承认那是个错误Think I forgive you like that还想我会原谅你If you thought I would wait for you如果你还认为我会等你You thought wrong你真的大错特错了But you're just


If I were a boy.这是 虚拟语气的特殊固定的用法.

If I Were a Boy 如果我是男生;[例句]If I were a boy.如果我还是一个男孩.《If I Were a Boy》是美国女歌手碧昂丝吉赛尔诺斯演唱的一首“成人时代”歌曲,歌词、曲谱由BC简和托比盖德填写.该歌曲作为推广专辑的首支单曲,于2008


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