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i like flying kite.我喜欢放风筝i can fly kite.我会放风筝.I will fly higher.我要飞得更高.How much I want to fly in the blue sky, like a bird.我多么想飞上蓝天,像小鸟一样.

fly me to the moon

I can fly a kite.我会放风筝.

the fly is flying.苍蝇正在飞. 前一个fly是苍蝇,后一个是动词飞

he flew kites yesterday .he has never flown kites .he will fly kites tomorrow .he is flying kites now .he was flying kites when we arrived .he often flies kites .

I wish to fly over the city lines. 我希望飞行在城市的上空. 如果觉得有用记得采纳好评哦,祝你学习进步~

楼主,没有fiy这个单词的,应该是fly吧.1. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when they discuss my future.在他们讨论我的前途时,我恨不得能偷偷旁观.2. Five thousand people were flown to Paris during the Easter weekend.在复活节的周末有五千

蝇类有很多,如oxfly,horsefly,gadfly等,其他常见的有:firefly 萤火虫 greenfly ['ri:nflai] n. 蚜虫;

We were all meant to fly 我们都命中注定要翱翔于天际 spread your wings acroo the universe 张开你的双翅,冲破天宇

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