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BAlAnCE DuE什么意思啊

是指你说需要支付的金额指数。 比如说我欠某银行或某公司20元。 那么日后他们就会给我发来一张账单,说 YOUR BALANCE DUE IS $20. 换句话说,我要支付的金额是20元。 ~楼主你也在美国吗?我也是美国人呢~

balance due na.账簿中贷方超过借方的数 到期余额;结欠余额;欠款 例句 1.Compare the revenue collected and balance due for the past 5 years 比较的收入和平衡由于在过去的5年 2.This will help balance due to continuously in new, produ...

balance due na.账簿中贷方超过借方的数;到期余额;结欠余额;欠款。 例句 Once one year's warranty period expired, pay the balance due. 一年的缺陷责任期结束,结清余款。 The net balance due shall be paid or repaid within 28 days of...

应该没区别 看一下字典的说法(双解字典) Due to has been widely used for many years as a compound preposition like owing to, but some critics have insisted that the adjectival status ofdue must be retained. According to this vie...

balance due 英[ˈbæləns dju:] 美[ˈbæləns du] n. 欠款; 不定额; [例句]This refers to the increase in the Aggregate Balance due to interest payments on Exchange Fund paper. 这是指由支付外汇基金票据及债...

balance due 英[ˈbæləns dju:] 美[ˈbæləns du] n. 欠款; 不定额; [例句]May we remind you that there is a balance due on your account? 请允许我们提醒您,在您的账户上有一笔到期的款项未结算。

balance due 账簿中贷方超过借方的数 到期余额;结欠余额;欠款 结欠余款 应退的余额 应付的差额


myACCA account balance due 79是什么意思 我的ACCA账户余额是79元。

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