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北京奥运 经过运动员们16天的激烈拼搏,第29 届奥运会于2008年8月24日在北京落下帷幕.中国运动员发挥出色,获得了51枚金牌,为中国赢得了巨大的荣誉.奥运会期间,有很多值得我们回味的地方.你作为一名中学生-李华,围绕奥运会

Dear Sarah, Thank you for your letter asking about the rebuilt Qianmen Street. Here is something about it. Qianmen Street is a famous street of over 600 years old. Along this 800-meter street, there are more than 300 shops, As the street is in the

1 Recently, we have made a survey of the people on physical training. Only 35 percent of the people surveyed have taken part in physical activities.Over half of the people say they haven't got enough time to take exercises. 34.9 percent of them

Dear Tom,I am now back China and sound. In this letter I would like to convey my heartfelt appreciation to you for your kind assistance in my English learning when I was in New York. Additionally, your generous help and tender care made me feel

UST was established to celebrate the company was founded 30 years, scheduled for 2009 12,29 Tuesday 7:00 p.m. at the Holiday Inn celebration dinner to thank Mr. Zhang Wei for the support and cooperation over the years, CUST, general manager of electronics companies to invite them attended the gala dinner

百度去搜New Year New Hope "New year" for both children or adults for both significance. Apart from representing the literal meaning of a new beginning, the ancient and modern atmosphere to celebrate all the same, and let the feeling of New

2005年:假设你是李华,正在英国牛津参加短期语言培训,计划星期天去伦敦旅游.互联网上一则广告引起了你的注意,但一些具体信息不明确(箭头所指内容).请给该旅行社发一封电子邮件,询问有关情况. 书面表达One Possible

字数多的话可适当去掉几句就行 在那一天人们欢聚一堂.春节通常是在每年的二月份,有时是在一月份.在那天,家家户户会贴上代表幸运的春联,放爆竹,还要吃饺子呢!除夕夜那天,就像圣诞节前夕那天,家家户户聚在一起吃年夜饭,祝福

今年河北用的全国1卷 真的!(书面表达(满分25分) 假定你是李华,正在英国接受英语培训,住在一户英

一、(2009全国卷I、海南、宁夏卷)假定你是李华,正在英国接受英语培训,住在一户英国人家里.今天你的房东Mrs Wilson 不在家,你准备外出,请给Mrs Wilson 写一留言条,内容包括: 1.外出购物 2.替房东还书 3.Tracy 来电话留言:1)咖啡 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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