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愿一切安好 May all the best 重点词汇释义 安好well; safe and sound

愿你一切安好:Wish you all is well. 其它表达祝福的英文表达: 1、A friend is a loving companion at all times.朋友是永久的知心伴侣。 2、At this time of sorrow, deep sympathy goes to you and yours.在这悲戚的时刻,谨向你和你的亲人致...

是:Wish you all is well 相近意思的短语还有: 1、May you all the best 愿你一切都好 2、Only wishing you all right 愿你一切都好 3、All is well you clam 愿你一切都好 表示安好的单词: adv. well misc. safe and sound 短语: 夜安好 Tr...

“愿你一切安好”的英文:Wish you all the best. Wish 读法 英 [wɪʃ] 美 [wɪʃ] n. 希望;祝福;心愿 vt. 祝愿;渴望;向…致问候语 vi. 愿望;需要 短语: wish you good luck 祝你好运 wish you every success 一帆风顺 wish...

wish you are safe and sound, everything goes smoothly, and wish you could stay happy forever.

翻译成英文是:In September, let everything be good

I wish you I wish you a happy voyage., to a foreign country must take care the body! Wish you everything goes well


Let everything is ok

whish you all well,whish you all the best,whish you happy forever

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