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hey oh 除了字母数字都很符合- -




展开全部I Can Only Imagine - MercyMEI can only imagine what it will be likeWhen I walk by your sideI can only imagine what my eyes will seeWhen your face is before meI can only imagineSurrounded by your gloryWhat will my heart feelWill I dance

<你现在> vily vivi --自己做的第一个歌词哦~~哇嘎嘎 ku de ji gun le ga su le ku lu wa sa lang nurn ma ha mu hei jio bu mi ha ni ki lu na lo hei duo hei ma yo le ma mi cai gu ku de lu sa lang nu qi ma la guo ha ne yo nu k xi mu ne long mio pa bu ka dern

bogdan vladau - hila ??? 很符合2113你说的52614102 但是不是在教堂1653 他身边的专几个人也只是乐器属手 不是组合

just the way you are - bruno mars oh her eyes' her eyes make the stars look like they're not shining her hair' her hair falls perfectly without her trying she's so beautiful and i tell her every day yeah i know' i know when i compliment her she won't believe

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