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亲爱的你快点好起来,我很心疼你!Get well soon, honey / sweetheart / baby / darling. I am worried about you!若回答对您有所帮助,请点击本页面中的“选为满意回答”按钮.

“亲爱的,你不要太累了,我会心疼你的.”用英语翻译就是 (Honey, please don't be exhausted, cause it would break my heart. ) (darling, give yourself more time to relax , i 'm so worried about you dont be too tired ) 这个是中式英语的翻译

Dear, remind of you I was so distressed

Dear wish you recover at an early date, think of you in the hospital will love dearly, you well!

翻译成英文为: Dear you to get better quickly. good looking I.. Good performance!

Dear,I really feel unwell,unwell,myheart,really hurt

I am really really miss you,my darling. (3)

Darling, I hate you~

你好!对不起,亲爱的,我很心痛,深深的自责.I'm sorry, my dear, I very heartache, deep remorse.希望对你有所帮助!

Dear,I miss you so much ~~

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